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Bass Guitars



My oldest one: Fender Presicion'76 from El Paso Texas with a lot of grease.

Dressed with La Bella Flats 0.52, foam dump, PU covers and a hardly beated neck, this one is dedicated to James Jamerson.

To keep up with history the next a Fender Jazz '77 with this 70s vibe and Marcus Miller taste

This beauty is a Music Man Sting Ray '89 upgraded with Hipsot D- Tuner, Seymour Duncan PU and 3way EQ - Slap Switch and all. Killer Tone!

A Warwick Streamer '90 neckthrough model. Special Edition with leds across the upper side of the neck, Hipsot D-Tuner and MEC electronics with 3way EQ with parametric mids. All time - all weather bass, a trustworthy companion

And a 5 string. Warwick FNA Jazzman. Superb Tone and Quality, a modern hybrid of Jazz and StingRay magic combined

My fretless black beauty custom made by Kagmakis back in 1987. Ebony fingerboard, handmade "Magnetics" PUs, endless sustain and lyricism speaks directly to your heart

And an acoustic one. A Washburn AB34. For this special tone, also great for practicing.  I won't take it to the beach to play by the camp fire

Last but not least. An electric upright NS Design Wav4 model. Slim, light and elegant, it might not be "the sound of God" but it would be surely of his Son

                                 Amps, Cabs and FX


 The MarkBass 210 Combo at 500wrms @ 4Ω and weight only 19kg is IMHO the best combination of power, transportability and transparent sound.  I may combine it with an external 1x12, 4x10 or 2x12 cab fo mo durn

Speaking of FX: after wondering around with several multi FX, proccessors and all, including the "flagship" Roland V-Bass system, I ended up to these 2 pedalboards.

  • The large one consists of: a Sadowski preamp (lush organic sound), MXR M87 Bass Compressor (studio HQ), APHEX Bass Xciter (my little secret - no more), Boss Octave OC2 (just unsurpassed),  Xotic BB Bass Preamp (Kill Bill I), Darkglass Microtubes Bk3 (Kill Bill II), Bass Big Muff (a moded surealism ), Line 6 M9 w expression pedal (for the modulation and delays/revs) and a 3 way looper to manage all the above
  • The small one  consists of: an EBS Octabass (supertracking), Tech21 VT Bass (for that Ampeg vibe) and eighter a Boss Bass Flanger or a Bass Chorus ( for the sniff'n the tears)
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